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Die Cut Foam Packaging

We can custom pad your delicate equipment in cases of any shape and size! We use a wide range of foam materials by select the most suitable material based on the design and on our customers’ needs as well as cost considerations.

Foam is light and has a complete open or closed pore structure that gives extremely good air flow to your items. This is beneficial for filter applications and for padding packages for shipping. Foam packaging offers excellent cushioning qualities and excellent protection as well as being able to be reused in a large number of cases.

Printing Services Malaysia packaging will design and manufacture packaging to suit your precise needs and products, ensuring they are delivered in a way that is cost effective and efficient. All thickness are in stock and can be custom cut to fit your needs.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that small bespoke packaging orders are going to be ridiculously expensive. We work with you to make sure your delivery is completed in a way that suits your needs; whether they are budget related or otherwise.